Vendor Etiquette: Do I Need to Feed My Vendors?

Whether or not you should feed your vendors is entirely up to you, but usually couples do. Vendors run around, set up the bits and pieces, coordinate details, and all other tasks that take time so they often cannot find time to eat. Your wedding vendors are busy putting on your affair all day so […]

How I Learned to Plan a Wedding in 3 Weeks

The wedding that I am about to write is a very special story. Sarah was diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks prior to meeting me and doctors had told her that they weren’t too sure how long her health would be able to hold out. The unpredictability was stressful for family and friends, and […]

Maid of Honour Duties

What does a maid of honor do, exactly? This is a question I get a lot from readers, friends, and clients. A maid of honor’s duties include being the emotional boat for the bride, planning the bridal events, serving as the point of contact on the wedding day, set-up/take-down of decorations, giving a big speech […]

Tips For Choosing a Wedding Venue.

Congrats! You are engaged to the love of your life and now is the time to start planning for the wedding! Searching for the right wedding venue takes time and can be quite stressful. If you and your partner are not familiar with the city venues, do your research!  With all the emotion and excitement that […]

The Difference Between an Independent Wedding Planner and an On-Site Venue Coordinator?

Is there a difference between an independent wedding planner and an on-site venue coordinator? I’ve been asked this question many times by brides, grooms, and friends of the couples. The answer is, “No, a wedding planner and an on-site venue coordinator are two completely different people”! VENUE COORDINATOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES The venue coordinators work for the […]

Hello World and How I Finally Gave in to Hiring a Web Designer

Welcome to my first blog post on my newly designed website! Thank you to Alex from Boutique Websites for creating this beauty. I am so pleased with it and have received many compliments from people who have passed by. The website was officially complete in December, but wasn’t ready to launch because the logo was still under […]