Hello World! Finally Getting a Pro Website For My Wedding Business


Welcome to my first blog post on my newly designed website! Thank you to Alex from Boutique Websites for creating this beauty. I am so pleased with it and have received many compliments from people who have passed by. The website was officially complete in December, but wasn’t ready to launch because the logo was still under construction. Still people passed by and would contact me for wedding inquiries and questions. I wonder how it’ll be with an official launch!


The best choice I’ve ever made was to accidentally stumble upon Boutique Websites while checking out Fruitilicious Cakes one day. I contacted him right away and we got to work immediately. The logo was created by my close friend, Jenny Lam. This girl’s got such great talent. After 3 months of tons of trial and error, she designed this logo that had me jump for joy. I’m loving everything about it and it looks perfect on the homepage!



Finally decide to hire a professional to design a new website for my wedding planning business


First of all, my old website was outdated, one dimensional, dull, and amateur. The original intention was for wedding clients to view my portfolio / services and not about nice design or fancy navigation tools because I didn’t want to spend the money.


Secondly, although many friends had offered to create a brand new website for me, I didn’t like the idea of having to contact them constantly to edit the site. The worst part about having friends get involved is rejecting their ideas and suggestions. Sometimes they’re more excited than you and offer suggestions but you’re mumbling under your breath whispering to yourself, “now how do I say this nicely?”. With a professional designer who knows the wedding industry, you’re paying them big bucks so that it’s done right and properly. There is no holding back and you can always bring something up if you are not happy about it.


Third, my skills in this type of work are extremely limited. I’m and expert and have so much passion in what I do (Wedding Planning in Vancouver), but not website design, SEO and coding.


Lastly, business started to pick up very quickly last year. Many people wanted to see my “website”, which at the time was very not appealing for potential wedding clients and my target audience. I knew if I wanted to continue this flow of traffic I had to finally give in and put some money into building a strong foundation for my wedding business (website).


I am more than thrilled to start blogging! You will find unique wedding stories behind every client I deliver my wedding planning services for, some of the failures / success I come by and everything else in this extremely exciting wedding / event industry in Vancouver!


Meet Leslie Luu (Elle Weddings)

I am described as a zealous person with an insatiable curiosity, a trendsetter in the world of colour (see blog), and an adventure seeker with an admiration for world libraries, beautiful architecture, and delicious food. I believe that beauty is found in the tiniest and most unexpected details and it is these beautiful things around me that fuel my inspiration to do what I do.

As a teen I loved hosting birthday and holiday parties for my family and friends. I was fully involved in all aspects of event planning such as handwriting invites, decorating the house, cooking, baking, and organizing games and activities. Despite my love and enjoyment of planning events at this time, I graduated with a university degree in Criminology and pursued a career in law enforcement instead. Unhappy in this field of work, I left and found work decorating for weddings and assisting local planners in day-of coordination gigs. From then on a passion blossomed, I earned a degree in event management, and my journey into weddings began.

One of the best things I love most about what I do is building special relationships with my clients – to learn about the things that make them unique as a couple and use that to create the most perfect and seamless wedding of their dreams.


Photo of wedding planner vancouver
Photo of Wedding Planner Vancouver













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  1. It was such a pleasure to work with you Leslie. I’m glad you love your site. I can’t wait to have it in my portfolio so please launch it soon 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing about your success right after the launch!

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