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The Difference Between an Independent Wedding Planner and an On-Site Venue Coordinator?

As a Vancouver wedding planner, I can assure you that there is a difference between an independent wedding planner and an on-site venue coordinator? I’ve been asked this question many times by brides, grooms, and friends of the couples. The answer is, “Yes, an independent wedding planner and an on-site venue coordinator are two completely different people”!


The venue coordinators work for the venue and only the venue. I appreciate working with venue coordinators, and they have always been an extra help to me as a Wedding Planner or Day-of-Wedding Coordinator, but they will only handle so much. Venue coordinators are not personally involved in the wedding planning process. They don’t work with you to finesse your wedding day timeline, they don’t design or decorate the ceremony or reception space, and they most definitely won’t be there for your every need. Their pivotal focus is executing the set up of tables, chairs, and place settings, expediting the food and ensuring smooth flow of service, and breaking down at the end of the night. When I say breaking down, this means only the breakdown of the tables and chairs.

All of your own personal items, rentals, etc. will not be touched.  More often than not, the venue coordinator will leave after dinner is served because their job is essentially done. They no longer have to coordinate food service and their staff is more than capable of breaking down after the reception ends. The venue coordinator’s responsibilities end here.



Just as the venue coordinator is there for the venue, the wedding independent planner is there for the bride and groom. They are there from the very start, the in-betweens, and the very end.  It is the wedding planner who negotiate contracts, create your floor plan and timelines, schedule rental and vendor deliveries and confirm with all vendors and parties involved in your big day. They pay attention to all of the little details and ensure that everything is set-up just the way their couples envisioned it to be and are in constant contact with the couple throughout the year. Planners serve as a mediator not only between the bride & groom and the vendors but also between families and friends.  For us independent wedding planners, the goal is simple: make the wedding planning process smooth, enjoyable and stress-free.

To give you an idea of some of the services an independent wedding planner provides, here are some links below:





As Jessica Talbot from Z Event Company states, the wedding planner/day-of wedding coordinator will be devoted to you and your wedding, and that is something a venue coordinator simply cannot provide. A wedding planner will typically book one wedding per weekend so that the couple can be the main focus. A venue coordinator often has multiple weddings and events on the same day, or even at the same time. So, if you are a bride or groom that craves the peace of mind of knowing that someone is coordinating all of your wedding details and dreams, then a wedding planner is the right fit for you!

At Elle Weddings, we are known for our warm, friendly, and sociable personalities, we are devoted to creating special, one-of-a-kind experiences for each couple and encourage concepts and details that are unique, stylish, and inspiring. Whether it is a culturally cultivated wedding, a cozy intimate gathering, a luxurious celebration or a rustic and vintage occasion, we translate our clients’ ideas, style and vision into a beautifully conceived and memorable wedding!

Let us know if you are looking for an independent wedding planner. We are based in Vancouver and plan weddings all around the world. Give us a call or fill out our information request form here. We cannot wait to work with you!


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